Mind, the new frontier

Many things have been said with regard our purpose in this life. Some people support the idea that we have come to this physical world with a program already installed within our mind and therefore, the only thing we can do it is to follow this program with little chance to make changes. If we take this as a truth of life, this might suggest that we do not have control of our life or if we have some, it would be in a very small percentage. Nevertheless, this is not true. The truth is that we were born with an empty “hard disc”,and whatever is in our mind it is as result of what we call “our life experiences”.

After having spent many years of my life trying to understand how “things” work in this material world, fact that took me to do lots of reading and share ideas with other people who have understood these “mechanisms” or at least they are in the process of doing so, I feel myself comprised to share all I have learnt with other people who might be still walking through this life feeling themselves lost without an understanding of these mechanisms. By doing so, I might contribute with something to make the people’s life better.

What we are now, including good or bad things, failures and achievements, it is result of what we have in our mind. Whatever we hold in our mind is going to determine how our life is shaped. This is to say, if we believe that something we wish is not possible for us, that is exactly what we are going to receive. On the other hand, if we believe that something is possible for us, that we deserve it and we act based upon that, for sure we are going to reach it.

Most people are going through their life acting in “auto”. Every action they take, every decision they make, is result of the ideas that they hold in mind and every single idea is result of the thoughts we have. That is what we think it is possible or not for us. Let’s have a quick look at our life. When we were born, as just babies, we did not have any of the ideas which are present in our mind now. Whatever we have in mind now, we learnt it along our life. Whether you might say that make money is something easy or not, or happiness is something possible or not. Therefore, we have been shaped by the very things which have been part of the environment in which we grew up. Regardless these things were real facts in our life or we took experience of other people as ours.

Let’s take money as example. If you are the kind of person who think that make money is very hard and if someday you are lucky to have enough, it was due to you were born within a rich environment, you did something illegal or you were in the correct place at the correct time; I would say that is only 10% true. Only the 10% of the very things in our life are “out of our control”. The remained 90% is formed by the actions and decision we make based on this 10% (Law of the 90/10, which I will explain in the next article).

So, if you have in mind this idea, it is result of the social belief and parameter in which you have grown up. That is to say, due to when you were just a kid, you heard from your parents or someone else that to make money is hard, now you believe it and you have made it a truth of your life. In other words, you have allowed other people to decide what is possible for you.

We must take control of our life. We can decide what it is possible for us and as a matter of fact, we do, all the time. So, let’s start braking down these social beliefs and parameters and let’s set up in our mind new believes. Let’s take those which will allow us to release ourselves and take control of our life.

You probably have listened the very famous expression, money is not as important as love. That is like to say, which one do you prefer, your arms or your legs? What about both!!!… Each one is useful for the very thing it was designed. You cannot neither buy a house nor get food to feed yourself with love. Love was made for one purpose and money for another one. You will never hear someone who has a lot of money to say that it is not important. You will hear such a lie from people who do not have the amount of money they desire. Therefore, do not allow people who have not reached the thing that is being pursuit to tell you what you should believe it is possible for you.

This is a very exciting topic and something that I can write on about pages and pages. Nonetheless, my intention is only to give you the idea, so now you can think about it. By your comments, we can continue discussing this. I just want to finish saying, take control of your beliefs and life, and make your dreams come truth.

By: I. D.



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